• Family-Oriented

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I was born and raised in Floyd County, and because of my grandfather’s service to this community, he has inspired my passion to serve as well. Coming from a strong family heritage of public service in this county, I believe the timing is right to seek the position of Floyd County Sheriff.  I have always wanted to be Sheriff and have worked most of my adult life to come to this point.

  • Serving Our Community

As a law enforcement officer for over a decade and current Vice President of the Floyd County Council (serving as councilman for the past six years),  I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of life in this community.  I take my responsibility as a police officer and elected citizen to heart.  I have patrolled the streets of Floyd County, served warrants, transported prisoners, and responded to numerous calls that have given me the opportunity to interact with citizens, business owners and community leaders.  These experiences have given me great perspective on the needs and issues facing our community, and I am dedicated to meeting those needs as your next sheriff.


As a county councilman, I have and will continue to take a proactive approach in serving this community.  I have worked with other elected officials to trim budgets and meet pressing needs.  I championed the implementation of a discount prescription drug program in Floyd County to help bring in additional revenue without raising taxes.  I worked with all four county fire departments to help them upgrade fire equipment to better serve this community.  I served on the Floyd County Youth Services board and was part of the process for finding them a new home at the Pine View Government Center. This new shelter was much needed and allows us to better serve the youth in need in the community.   I am currently working on upgrading the county’s website to become more user-friendly and informative in addition to adding a high-definition web camera in the assembly room at Pine View Government Center.  This will allow all county-elected board meetings to be video-recorded and archived on the new county website.  As a result, the public can view the meetings and become more informed on issues county officials are discussing.  Government transparency and accountability is of the utmost importance to me.

  • Business Owner


As a business owner in Floyd County, I have managed people and organized projects to meet the goals set forth by both my company and the clients that I work with.  Being in business for approximately ten years has taught me problem-solving skills as well as how to operate under a tight budget.  These skills are valuable both as a business-owner and councilman.  Overall, I believe that my life experiences have brought me to this point.  With my education in political science,  as well as my experiences as an officer, councilman, and business-owner,  I believe these areas have prepared me to be your next sheriff.

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